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Delicious & Holistic Food on the Loveland Bike Trail!

Our passion is to provide holistic health and delicious options on the Loveland bike trail.  We are dedicated to nourish both the mind and body and help our community to live their best life. We invite you to join us on our journey of living a full life!

Jacob & Katie – Owners of Fresh Press Juicery & Coffee

We decided to open up Fresh Press Juicery & Coffee because we saw a need for healthy and convenient food options in our community of Loveland, Ohio. Our family was sent into a whirlwind health seeking adventure due to health issues that made it difficult to eat at most restaurants. Even at home, it was a struggle to know what we should be feeding our 4 children. We decided to avoid treating our family with medicine and instead learn how to truly care for and heal our bodies with food. We learned about the amazing benefits of incorporating more fruits & vegetables into our diets, but faced a challenge of getting enough or getting our children to eat them. We realized that juices provided a delcious and easy way to get those benefits and vitimans into ourselves and our kids!

With the opening of Fresh Press Juicery and Coffee, we hope to help our neightbors with the greatest wealth of life – Health!


Chef Jimmy Hooper

Chef Hooper’s recipes focus on fresh ingredients and flavor, the way nature intended it. The menu at Fresh Press reflects his passion for developing simple recipes that focus on the natural flavor of foods. He regularly visits farmers’ markets around the area to make sure the ingredients used at Fresh Press are as local, organic, and seasonal as possible.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the restaurant industry, Chef Hooper has developed his craft in places that include the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, Cincinnati’s Tavern Restaurant Group, and Ivy Hills Country Club. He also graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

Chef Jimmy and his wife Leah have two kids, Natalie and Wesley. And when he’s not working on his latest recipe that will satisfy and nourish the hungry and thirsty along the Loveland Bike Trail, he can be found working on projects around the house, beekeeping and playing with the family bunny, Maple.